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Ready to give up your ADF, VOR? FAA wants to knowReady to give up your ADF, VOR? FAA wants to know

Ready to give up your ADF, VOR? FAA wants to know

Are you ready for the FAA to turn off most of the NDBs and VORs in Alaska? The FAA wants to accelerate the installation of the Capstone system across the entire state. That system uses GPS for navigation and ADS-B for free, data-linked weather and traffic information in the cockpit. But it's also an expensive change. To free up resources to do it, the FAA also wants to turn off existing NDBs and VORs, sooner rather than later, and provide financial incentives for pilots to install Capstone equipment to replace their ADF and VOR receivers. The Alaska Airmen's Association wants to know what you think about that plan and has posted a Web survey to get your opinion. They will share survey results with AOPA Alaska Regional Representative Tom George. "This survey can help shape the FAA plan. And whatever the results, AOPA will represent the interests of Alaska's GA pilots to ensure that they get what they want and need," George said. According to an FAA study, the Capstone system has reduced GA accidents in parts of Alaska by 40 percent. To learn more about Capstone, see the Web site.

January 7, 2005

Topics: ADSB

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