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Does your EFB have the right data?

Does your EFB have the right data?

By AOPA ePublishing staff

Before you set off on your next flight using an electronic flight bag (EFB), take a moment to double check its airspace depictions with an up-to-date sectional or terminal area chart.

AOPA worked with two EFB vendors this week to correct problems with the way some of their products were depicting the new Phoenix Class B airspace. Anywhere Map and Golden Eagle FlightPrep EFB add-ons were not depicting the redesigned airspace that went into effect on Oct. 25. Both companies quickly resolved the problem.

The association encouraged the vendors to contact all of their subscribers via e-mail to alert them of the error and then provide routine messages when updates are available.

"Anytime commercial vendors are downloading information from the FAA and then republishing it, there is a chance something can get crossed in the process," Williams said. "That's why AOPA is being vigilant for our members and working with vendors to correct any problems. But pilots must do their part as well—double check that the EFB maps are correct."

Tips for up-to-date EFBs

It is the pilot's responsibility to become aware of all information regarding your flight. Part of that includes making sure the information, like the products used in your EFB, is accurate.

Follow these tips from AOPA to ensure your EFB is up to date:

  • Routinely check your vendor's Web site to ensure you have the latest updates
  • Sign up to receive e-mail notices for new downloads, if you vendor offers these notices
  • Gather all available information prior to your flight (i.e., check notams, weather, etc.)
  • Carry secondary or back up aeronautical information available for the flight, either in paper or electronic format

The FAA also recommends that pilots have a backup with them at all times in the cockpit.

November 1, 2007

AOPA ePublishing staff
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