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New look for Phoenix Class B airspace

New look for Phoenix Class B airspace

It still looks like an upside down wedding cake, but now it's a little smashed and some pieces are moved around. The final Phoenix Class B Airspace redesign that went into effect on Oct. 25 disregards many of the proposals AOPA and the general aviation community presented. [ See a graphic of the new airspace design.] While AOPA supported the new ceiling of the airspace—9,000 feet msl as opposed to the previous 10,000 feet—the association opposed many of the changes. The FAA disregarded AOPA's recommendations that sector boundaries be aligned with ground features or navaids. Now, the boundaries are difficult to follow, traffic is compressed over noise-sensitive areas, and pilots are forced to climb over higher terrain.

November 2, 2007

Topics: ADS-B

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