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Reservations required at N.Y. Class B airportsReservations required at N.Y. Class B airports

General aviation pilots flying into John F. Kennedy International, LaGuardia, and Newark International will have to reserve a slot when arriving or departing during certain times of the day, whether flying IFR or VFR.

The slot reservation requirement for the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan airports went into effect Dec. 9. It is different than the requirements for Ronald Reagan National Airport and Chicago O’Hare in that only IFR aircraft are required to reserve slots at those two airports.

In response to AOPA’s objections to the FAA regarding its plan to require all GA flights, IFR and VFR, make slot reservations, the agency has assured the association that it will work with pilots to the greatest extent possible to accommodate their operations.

To find out when slot reservations are required, and to take advantage of electronic reservations, see the FAA’s Web site. Pilots who have questions or need a waiver from the requirement can call the Air Traffic Control System Command Center’s airport reservation officer at 703/904-4452.

Meanwhile, another proposal to regulate slots at the three New York Metropolitan airports has been put on hold. On Dec. 8, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay on slot auctions at the three airports. The slot auction proposal, at this point, does not affect GA operations.

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