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Need, extent of Dallas Class B expansion questionedNeed, extent of Dallas Class B expansion questioned

In formal comments submitted to the FAA, AOPA has raised questions about the need for such a large expansion of the Dallas Class B airspace and is asking the FAA to consider changing procedures to increase efficiency and better accommodate all users before changing the airspace.

The FAA has proposed expanding the Dallas Class B airspace to contain approaches to area airports. But AOPA notes that one stated reason for the expansion, to contain approaches into Dallas Love Field, is hard to justify when the airspace was created for a different airport and the approaches to Love Field could be redesigned to stay within the existing airspace.

AOPA also is raising concerns about the safety and economic impact the airspace changes will have on general aviation operators, who may be forced to travel long distances to circumnavigate the Class B. Businesses at underlying airports also could be negatively affected.

The next step will be for the FAA to consider the comments it has received and issue a notice of proposed rulemaking. AOPA and the public will have another opportunity to comment on the airspace plan at that time.

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