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FAA issues flight advisory for G-20 SummitFAA issues flight advisory for G-20 Summit

G-20 SummitThe G-20 Summit gathering of world leaders, including President Barack Obama, in Pittsburgh on Sept. 24 and 25 has been declared a national security event. The FAA has issued a flight advisory detailing the temporary flight restriction that will be in place during the summit.

A 30-nautical-mile-radius TFR with inner 12-nm-radius no-fly zone will be in effect both of those days. The TFR, which will be centered on the Montour (MMJ) Vortac 116-degree radial at 8.5 nm, will extend from the surface up to Flight Level 180.

The FAA and TSA will allow pilots who have requested a waiver and submitted to security screening to fly within the TFR to operate at Pittsburgh International and Allegheny County airports. Requests for a waiver must be submitted at least 96 hours in advance. Those who would be arriving at Pittsburg International or Allegheny County must first stop at North Central West Virginia Airport in Clarksburg, W.Va.—the only authorized gateway airport for flights in the TFR. Those who wish to depart Pittsburgh International or Allegheny County must also request a waiver 96 hours in advance and submit to TSA security screening at the respective airports.

Finleyville Airpark and Pittsburgh-Monroeville lie within the 12-nm no-fly zone, and operations at both facilities are prohibited while TFR is in effect.

For more details regarding the TFR, waiver, and security screening, see the flight advisory announcement.

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