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Transportation funding in appropriations omnibusTransportation funding in appropriations omnibus

The House and Senate have voted to fund transportation programs for 2010 in an omnibus appropriations bill combining six funding measures.

The House approved the omnibus Dec. 10, and the Senate approved the bill Dec. 13. The legislation, which combines the transportation, housing, and urban development appropriations bill with five others, provides $9.35 billion for FAA operations; $2.9 billion for FAA facilities and equipment; $3.5 billion for the Airport Improvement Program, and $191 million for aviation-related research and development for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2010. The facilities and equipment allocation includes $834 million for research and capital investment for the NextGen air transportation system.

The bill specifies that none of the funds shall be available for the FAA to finalize or implement any regulation that would promulgate new aviation user fees not specifically authorized by law. AOPA supports this language.

The House and Senate last week also passed a temporary extension authorizing FAA programs through March. The appropriations bill would provide the money for those programs.

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