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Clark County agrees to work with pilots, AOPAClark County agrees to work with pilots, AOPA

Officials in Clark County, Nevada, have agreed to work with local pilots and AOPA to promote the safety and utility of North Las Vegas airport.

During a series of meetings held Jan. 12 through 15, county aviation officials agreed to work with stakeholders, including AOPA, instead of pushing for federal legislation that would have given authority for safety oversight to the Clark County director of aviation.

“Because aviation connects communities nationwide, it”s vital that one set of rules applies, no matter where you are in the aviation system,” said Greg Pecoraro, AOPA vice president of regional affairs. “Clark County Aviation Director Randy Walker understands this and has agreed to work collaboratively with aviation stakeholders to achieve safety goals at North Las Vegas.”

At the meetings with state, local, and county officials, AOPA emphasized the efforts local pilots and the association have already made to improve safety and the pilot community”s commitment to cooperate with aviation officials. 

AOPA also met with local pilots, including members of the Clark County Aviation Association, and the AOPA Air Safety Foundation hosted a safety seminar attended by some 400 area pilots. The seminar, “Safe Skies, Good Neighbors,” focused on the special considerations associated with flying at urban airports like North Las Vegas. Topics included noise management, runway safety, emergency procedures, and regulations.

North Las Vegas has been under pressure since last summer when two high-profile accidents at the urban airport drew fire from the surrounding community. Since then, the Clark County Aviation Association, AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer Kathleen Snaper, and others have attended public meetings to calm the community”s fears, put renewed emphasis on safe flying, and hosted an airport open house to encourage the public to learn more about their airport.

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