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Auburn University aviation program a key 'transportation link'Auburn University aviation program a key 'transportation link'

As part of AOPA’s efforts to reach out to a larger community, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs Andy Cebula participated in Auburn University’s Aviation Management Advisory Board on Feb. 20 and 21.

The university, in east-central Alabama, offers an extensive aviation management program and flight training. The advisory board is working with the school to develop, among many other things, a world-class general aviation airport in partnership the cities of Auburn and Opelika.

“The university’s airport is an important transportation link for the growing economy of eastern Alabama,” said Cebula. “Participation on the advisory board helps ensure that Auburn’s graduates have an understanding and appreciation for general aviation, no matter what segment of aviation they end up in.”

Members of Auburn’s aviation advisory board are managers and pilots at major and regional airlines, corporate flight departments, airports, airport and engineering consulting companies, the military, avionics manufacturers, the FAA, and Goodyear Blimp. Many are AOPA members and GA pilots. Cebula is a 1981 graduate of the school’s aviation management program.

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