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Protect GA - keep flying, AOPA tells Idaho pilotsProtect GA - keep flying, AOPA tells Idaho pilots

In the face of threats to general aviation such as onerous security regulations and proposals that could drive up the cost of flying, what’s a pilot to do?

Keep flying, AOPA Executive Vice President of Government Affairs Andy Cebula told a group of Idaho pilots recently.

In a panel discussion at the Rocky Mountain West Aviation Expo in Boise, Idaho, Cebula told pilots the best way to secure the future of GA is to continue to exercise the special freedom to take to the skies, whether for business or recreation.

At the expo, which was sponsored by the Idaho Aviation Association, Cebula discussed the challenges facing GA today and looking to the future. While in the state, he toured backcountry airstrips and witnessed the rugged terrain that gives pilots in the state a special perspective on the value and joy of flying.

“Visiting backcountry airstrips in Idaho demonstrated the use of GA to access areas not available by any other means,” Cebula said. “Pilots made it clear to me they don’t want misguided proposals in Washington to keep them from exercising their freedom to fly.”

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