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EPA proposal exempts piston aircraft from greenhouse gas reportingEPA proposal exempts piston aircraft from greenhouse gas reporting

Despite a proposed rule that would expand required emissions reporting from some commercial and general aviation jets and turboprops, the EPA is excluding GA piston aircraft from the list of vehicles that would be required to make such reports. And AOPA is working to keep it that way.

In formal comments on the EPA proposal, AOPA Executive Vice President of Government Affairs Andy Cebula explained that GA contributes an incredibly small amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) to the environment, the steps GA has already taken to increase efficiency, and how sensitive the GA sector is to even small increases in flight cost.

The EPA’s proposal, “Mandatory reporting of Greenhouse Gases,” issued April 10, would require engine manufacturers, fossil fuel suppliers, and many other companies that emit more than 25,000 metric tons of GHG annually to report emission totals for certain greenhouse gases.

GA’s contribution to GHG emissions is insignificant.

“General aviation is estimated to contribute less than one percent of all transportation sector GHG emissions. Piston-powered GA aircraft contribute an even smaller amount; slightly more than one-tenth of one percent (0.13 percent) of total GHG emissions from the transportation sector, and recent technological advancements are decreasing these emissions even further,” wrote Cebula. “Given the incredibly small GHG contribution from piston-powered GA aircraft, AOPA feels the fleet should be exempt from any current or future GHG inventory requirement or follow-on emissions regulations.”

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