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GA Serves America helps spur initiative to create jobsGA Serves America helps spur initiative to create jobs

In the midst of the economic recession, general aviation became a target for many who view it as a luxury and don’t understand its true value to the nation and the economy. In an effort to combat misperceptions and educate lawmakers, the media, and the public, AOPA developed the GA Serves America campaign, which has been turning heads on Capitol Hill and in the media. The campaign is based on real pilots’ stories—of how they serve their communities every day through business and volunteer flights.

The leaders of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce also took note of the campaign and collaborated with AOPA President Craig Fuller, a member of the U.S. Chamber Board of Directors, to develop an initiative—“American Free Enterprise. Dream Big.”—that is based on real Americans’ success stories.

"Earlier this year we launched an unprecedented campaign to tell the story of how general aviation serves America. Our campaign has effectively captured the attention of opinion leaders through the compelling stories told by great aviators who are our members,” said Fuller. “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wanted to enhance the understanding of America’s free enterprise system, so I happily collaborated on the development of this positive campaign.

“All year I have spoken about the importance of collaboration. In all cases, the collaboration has been with others in the aviation community. In this instance, we reached beyond our community to one that can do great good.”

“American Free Enterprise. Dream Big.” launched Oct. 14 with a challenge from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to create 20 million jobs within the next 10 years, including replacing the seven million jobs lost during the recession and creating 13 million new ones.

According to the American Free Enterprise Web site, the “entrepreneurial spirit” of Americans “has been at the heart of our economic success.” To help revive that spirit and create jobs, the campaign “will highlight the state-specific jobs needed to meet this goal and encourage policymakers, business leaders, and the public to commit to supporting American free enterprise—the system that creates opportunity, encourages innovation, rewards hard work, and promotes growth.”

“I firmly believe that a strong and vibrant free enterprise system is good for aviation and AOPA’s 415,000 members,” Fuller said.

Learn how you can support the American Free Enterprise. Dream Big.

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