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AOPA Weather makes planning a breezeAOPA Weather makes planning a breeze

AOPA's revamped online weather sectionAOPA’s revamped online weather section is already a valuable part of many members’ preflight planning, and the association is working to make it even better.

“Just tried the new weather interface. … it was great!” said AOPA member Ron Vandervalk. “MUCH better than the old interface. You did a great job. I look forward to using it often. Five stars!”

The improved weather section makes it easier for you to switch among weather maps, request an official weather briefing, and get sigmet and airmet data. As AOPA members provide feedback, the association continues to improve the interface to better serve your flight planning needs.

Among the most recent changes to AOPA Weather is the addition of the “Prog Beta” tab to give you an easier-to-read option for prognostic charts. The new charts, still in the experimental stage, provide color-coded, radar-based graphics from instead of using the weather symbols in the regular prognostic charts.

AOPA also has added new charts to the airmet/sigmet tab, using information provided from Now you can choose to see airmets and sigmets depicted all together, or shown individually by category—icing, turbulence, IFR/MTOS, and convective—in a less cluttered view.

“Great job at making the weather/flight planning section more user friendly,” said member Errol Perez. “Just that is worth my dues.”

Check out the new weather feature today!

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