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AOPA security training gets nod

The Transportation Security Administration has begun directing flight instructors and flight school employees to AOPA’s “GA Security” online course for initial and yearly recurrent security awareness training.

The TSA’s 12-page PDF document for the training, “The Recurrent Security Awareness Training Module,” is many years old and could be confusing, and so the agency has started replacing its recurrent training information with a link to the more engaging online course. To help CFIs and flight school employees meet the TSA recording requirements, AOPA has updated the completion certificate at the end of the course, so that instructors can record a distinct identification number or CFI number and record their signature.

The TSA collaborated with AOPA in the creation of the course, which the TSA says is “ more specific, engaging, and realistic than the previous TSA Flight School Security Awareness Training.

The AOPA security training course may be valuable for all GA pilots and members of the airport community, not just CFIs. The TSA document is currently still available for those who prefer to use that module.

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