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Razorback Range proposal leaves room for GA

The FAA is seeking comments on a proposal to expand the Razorback Range special-use airspace complex southeast of Ft. Smith, Ark.

The proposal calls for the addition of two new restricted areas that would expand the current R-2402 restricted area by five miles to the north and east and three miles to the south. AOPA has determined the changes would have no direct impact to any instrument approach procedure, and the proposal provides sufficient altitude beneath the restricted airspace for local and transient operations. Pilots may read the proposal and submit comments online by May 14.

The Air National Guard requested the changes, which would affect the Hog High North Military Operations Area and the Razorback Range airspace complex, to permit more realistic aircrew training in modern tactics and to enable more efficient use of the National Airspace System.

AOPA reviewed the proposal and sought input from local users; based on the location and direct user feedback, the association determined the modifications would not negatively impact GA. 

The restricted area on the northern side would be from 13,000 feet msl to FL220; the southern one would be from 10,000 feet msl to FL220. The areas would have charted times of sunrise to sunset daily. When not in use, they would be returned to the National Airspace System.

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