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T-route will cross Houston metroplex

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A new T-route south of Houston, Texas, will allow certain general aviation traffic to transit the busy terminal airspace efficiently.

The FAA has issued a final rule establishing a low-altitude Area Navigation (RNAV) route, T-248. The route will be available starting 0901 Zulu, July 29. T-routes allow GPS-equipped, IFR operations to efficiently fly around or through Class B and Class C airspace areas, and AOPA is a proponent of T-routes as a means of transiting busy Class B airspace such as the Houston metroplex.

“The availability of new T-routes demonstrates the FAA’s willingness to accommodate general aviation traffic and ease congestion around major airports,” said Tom Kramer, AOPA manager of air traffic services.

Without T-routes, GA aircraft often receive circuitous routing around busy airspace, but the routes allow RNAV-capable aircraft to fly through terminal airspace. AOPA advocates for the establishment and inclusion of T-routes in major metroplex airspace, particularly during the Class B redesign process.

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