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Cleveland airspace proposal addresses GA concerns

The FAA has responded to input from pilots to mitigate the effects of its planned Cleveland Class B airspace redesign on nearby airports.

Early in the redesign process, local users and AOPA identified impacts the initial proposal would have on general aviation operations, citing concerns about the reduction of available airspace for GA aircraft and an impact on nearby glider operations. The FAA incorporated changes in a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) to mitigate the majority of the impacts on GA.

The NPRM would add two segments to the Class B airspace to include aircraft conducting instrument approaches to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. AOPA has participated in the redesign process since its inception and recommended changes to the proposal that would minimize its impact on GA.

“The FAA’s proposal for the Cleveland Class B airspace takes pilots’ input into consideration and answers many of the concerns raised by general aviation stakeholders,” said AOPA Manager of Air Traffic Services Tom Kramer. “It shows that pilots can make a difference by sharing how a proposal may affect their flying.”

Although the Cleveland Class B airspace has not changed since 1970, it still largely accommodates the needs of commercial traffic at Cleveland Hopkins. The FAA’s proposal calls for minimal modifications by adding two segments, northeast and southwest of the airport, to keep aircraft conducting instrument approach procedures within Class B airspace. The overall diameter of the airspace remains unchanged at 20 nautical miles with a ceiling of 8,000 feet.

Members may submit comments on the proposed redesign online by searching for “FAA-2009-0514-0001.”. Comments are due June 21.

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