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AOPA to Northwest Aviation Conference: A short cross-country

Wherever your home airport, AOPA is never far away.

The association joined the already energized northwest pilot and aviation enthusiast populations at the annual Northwest Aviation Conference Feb.20 and 21. The association spoke of engagement, protection, and safety. AOPA Foundation President Karen Gebhart gave the keynote speech and spoke of how AOPA is helping airports and pilots across the country.

The accomplishments of AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer Marjy Leggett and her actions at Vista Field became the centerpiece for AOPA’s government advocacy group in educating pilots on how they can engage local government and politics to protect and preserve airports.

The conference broke previous attendance records for the AOPA’s Air Safety Foundation “Ten Things Other Pilots Do Wrong” seminar. More than 520 pilots and aviation enthusiasts attended the event.

While at the show, AOPA also received the Washington Pilot Association’s Harold Wilson award. The award, named after a local pilot who was active in keeping pilots in the air, is given to the individual or group for “contributing to the public enlightenment of general aviation.” 

“AOPA is proud of the relationship we have built with the Washington Pilots Association,” said Greg Pecoraro, AOPA vice president of Airports and State Advocacy. “We look forward to continuing our work with them in Olympia and at airports across the state.”

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