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T-routes to add efficiency to Alaskan airspace

The FAA is proposing to add and modify T-routes in Alaska to provide more efficient routing and lower en route minima for aircraft on instrument flight plans with WAAS approved IFR-certified GPS equipment.

Two area navigation (RNAV) T-routes would be added: T-267 would allow pilots to fly closer to the shoreline near Kotzebue, and T-271 would extend 495 miles between Anchorage and Cold Bay. It would run from the Cold Bay VORTAC to the AMOTT fix.

In a move that would benefit general aviation pilots, the FAA has proposed to lower the en route minimum altitudes of T-273 and T-227. Having a lower en route minimum altitude will help pilots avoid the icing conditions at higher altitudes.

Another proposed modification would extend T-266 to connect Juneau and Ketchikan by using the Frederick’s Point NDB and Annette Island VOR.

AOPA supports the use of T-routes to increase airspace efficiency and encourages pilots to comment on the proposed additions and modifications. Comments can be submitted online by July 22. Identify Docket No. FAA-2010-0397 in the comments.

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