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Air Force requests revised times of use for Texas MOA

The FAA is seeking comments on an Air Force proposal to change the times of use for the Brady Low Military Operations Area near Austin, Texas, from intermittent by notam to a set time of sunrise to 10 p.m. local, Monday through Friday, and as needed by notam.  The shape, size, altitude, and activities within the MOA would not change.

“We appreciate the FAA’s initiative to revise the times of use for the Brady Low MOA to more accurately reflect actual times of use,” wrote AOPA Manager of Air Traffic Services Tom Kramer in formal comments to the FAA. “… To further facilitate pilot communications and airspace status updates, AOPA requests that the FAA consider charting the frequency for the Brady Low MOA controlling agency on Sectional and Terminal Aeronautical Charts.”

The frequency would allow pilots to contact the controlling agency "real-time" while in flight to ensure they have the latest use information.  The association also encouraged the agency to continue to work toward real-time special-use airspace updates for pilots.

Pilots interested in submitting comments on the proposal must do so by July 5. Comments can be sent to Mr. Anthony D. Roetzel, Manager, Operations Support Group AJV-C2, Airspace Study 10-ASW-6-NR, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, 2601 Meacham Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76137.

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