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'Driver's license medical' request on track

AOPA and the Experimental Aircraft Association are on track to submit their request for an exemption allowing pilots flying recreationally to use the driver's license medical standard in the coming weeks—but there’s still time to sign up online to receive email alerts on the progress of the request and when you can submit comments.

The two associations are finalizing a request they announced at AOPA Aviation Summit for an exemption that would allow pilots flying recreationally in many of the most common general aviation aircraft to fly using the driver’s license medical standard currently available to sport pilots. To be eligible for the exemption, pilots would be required to complete a recurrent online training program on aeromedical factors and self-certification.

Under the exemption, pilots would be able to continue flying familiar aircraft without expending the time and money for a third-class medical. Operations would be limited to day-VFR flights in single-engine aircraft with 180 horsepower or less, four seats or fewer, fixed gear, and one passenger, among other limitations. Details are available online.

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