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IMC Club asks 'What would you do?'

With its first official presence at EAA AirVenture and a new website, IMC Club International is expanding a network of chapters designed to connect pilots interested in instrument proficiency.

The Norwood, Mass.-based organization aims to bring pilots together to discuss real-world instrument flying scenarios and other safety-related topics. While educational resources and new features are available on the new website, President Radek Wyrzykowski said pilots shouldn’t stop there: The IMC Club is intended to be social.

In its third year, the IMC Club has 28 chapters in the United States and one in Botswana, Wyrzykowski said; the chapters present the same scenarios available to members on the website, but the discussion at the end allows pilots to learn from one another. One scenario might have several potential responses.

“We don’t give any answers,” Wyrzykowski said. He said the approach is rather to say, “Here is the scenario. What would you do?”

It gets pilots talking, part of the organization’s goal “to reenergize general aviation” by bringing them back and helping them fly more often and become safer, he said. While the focus is on instrument flying, other safety-related topics are fair game: Though, instrument meteorological conditions are rare in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas chapter formed close friendships and meets often, discussing all sorts of safety issues, he said.

Another piece of the puzzle is the revamped website, which allows pilots to sign up if they are willing to be or looking for a safety pilot or instructor and search for someone in their area. Additionally, members can submit questions to be answered by a flight instructor. With the launch of the new website, the organization is transitioning to a $3/month membership called “$3 Ground School.”

The IMC Club will offer scenario-based training at EAA AirVenture July 23, 25, and 27 through the IFR Proficiency Center, sponsored by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

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