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Get 'em out to the airport

Airport "open house"

It’s no surprise that people don’t support an airport when they don’t understand it. Once they come out, they see the value and have fun too! That’s why Hayward Executive Airport Support Network (ASN) volunteer Claude Goldsmith hosted an AOPA booth during the California airport’s open house. Airport management focused on youth outreach through the local schools and had an outstanding turn out from the community.

Summer flying offers pilots a great opportunity to participate in fly-outs and open houses. The ASN often works with management and local pilots to provide materials for open houses. Check out the online guide, “Holding an Airport Open House,”. It is a step-by-step guide to staging an airport open house that will help nonpilot neighbors appreciate the value of a convenient community GA airport.

ASN volunteers across the country utilize this resource tool, and it could help you host a great event. As Goldsmith and airport management at Hayward Executive will tell you, a little planning makes a great community event. And the more the community understands and appreciates their airport, the fewer threats of closure.

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