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Aviation Legal Advice from Kathy YodiceAviation Legal Advice from Kathy Yodice

AOPA Pilot Protection Services Kathy Yodice

Kathy Yodice

  • Attorney, Counsel to AOPA
  • Former FAA attorney
  • Has assisted AOPA members for more than 13 years
  • Pilot since 1994, owns a Cherokee 180
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Protecting Yourself from FAA Enforcement

Understanding the basics of FAA enforcement is something every pilot show know. It can make a big difference if you are ever faced with an FAA enforcement action.

Kathy Yodice, Esq., of Yodice Associates, a former FAA attorney and counsel for AOPA's Legal Services Plan, will share her insights from over 20 years of aviation law experience.

Kathy Yodice is an aviation attorney for AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services and Legal Services Plan. She’s assisted AOPA members for more than 13 years and is a former FAA attorney. Kathy owns a Cherokee 180 and has been a pilot since 1994.

Topics: Pilot Protection Services, AOPA Products and Services

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