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Useful FBO appsUseful FBO apps

When flying to an unfamiliar airport, it’s always helpful to see what services are available at the facility’s FBO. Apps allow users to access information about FBOs around the world. This week, we look at five FBO apps. These are not endorsements of any app.

  1. AOG Service (free in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad helps users find the nearest Duncan Aviation facility and provide contacts for technical representatives at maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities (MROs), fixed-base operations, avionics shops, engine road teams, and parts support. Lists can be filtered and contacts can be added to favorites.
  2. Multi Service Aero FBO Locator (free in Google Play)—This app helps users locate merchants around the world that accept the Aero Card. Users can search by IATA or ICAO code, country or city, and information is available without an Internet connection.
  3. Jet Aviation FBO (free in iTunes and Google Play)—Jet Aviation’s FBO locations and services worldwide are available on this smartphone and tablet app. Users also can complete pre-arrival forms in advance, see location maps and airport diagrams, check weather, and contact FBOs directly from a device.
  4. AIR Card FBO Locator (free in Google Play)—Do you need to find merchants that accept the Air Card? This app can find them all over the world. Search by IATA/ICAO code, country or city, all without an Internet connection.
  5. Signature iFBO (free in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad app allows users to access information about all of Signature Flight Support’s FBOs. Information available includes FBO prices, a real-time fuel price calculator, FBO contact information, list of services and amenities, and FBO hours. Search for FBOs by city, state, country, or code.

Please feel free to send updates of apps I’ve already highlighted, along with your recommendations, here. The complete list of apps I’ve written about since October 2012 is in AOPA’s online archive.

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