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What is nonowned insurance and why should I have it?What is nonowned insurance and why should I have it?

Nonowned insurance is a liability insurance policy to protect you against claims arising from bodily injury and property damage for which you are legally liable, caused by an occurrence arising from your use of a nonowned (rented or borrowed) aircraft.

Even if the FBO tells you it has coverage, you’ll still need to protect yourself. Your FBO has coverage for itself. Some FBO policies have provisions that will extend coverage to students and renters for liability, but that limited protection is part of the limit that also protects the FBO, and there may not be adequate coverage for both of you.

The FBO policy does not provide you any protection for physical damage you may cause to its aircraft. Your own policy provides both coverage for you independent of the FBO and defense costs affording you legal support that serves your interests.

Don’t take chances; ensure you’re covered with a nonowned insurance policy from AOPA Insurance Services. Call 800/622-AOPA (2672) or go online today for more information.

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