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Answers for Pilots: AOPA Stay Smart WebinarsAnswers for Pilots: AOPA Stay Smart Webinars

AOPA is proud to announce a new webinar program for all AOPA members -  AOPA Stay Smart Webinars. Each webinar lasts about an hour and is both informative and interactive with the opportunity for participants to ask questions using a chat feature. With the highest quality content and notable presenters, AOPA Stay Smart Webinars offer members information on a wide variety of topics. Some of our recent webinars include: Aircraft Purchasing; Aircraft Maintenance: Keeping the Cost Down; For your iPad, Introducing AOPA FlyQ EFT;  Flying Club Insurance; and Nontowered Airport Operations: A Refresher.

Coming at the end of August are these two webinars: On August 27 is “Flying Club Marketing.” If you are considering starting a club, or are actively involved in one, plan to join Steve Hedges, AOPA Director of Communications, as he discusses flying club marketing techniques. Steve will provide an overview of the best marketing techniques for flying clubs, and answer some of the top questions AOPA receives on the topic. Then, on August 28, AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services Program (PPS) presents a health-related webinar, “Matters of the Heart.” This webinar will focus on the less common cardiac conditions that may require time- limited medical certificates. These include atrial fibrillation, PVCs (“skipped beats”), heart murmurs, as well as some common types of “abnormal” heart rhythms that, although they are labeled as “abnormal,” generally require no detailed follow up by the FAA. These PPS webinars are a special benefit to PPS program participants only. PPS webinar topics rotate from medical to legal every month, and dig down in the weeds on topics of interest to program participants. Consider joining the AOPA Pilot Protection Services program and receive expanded medical and legal benefits, helping you avoid and manage legal and medical issues that could ground you.

In September, you can enjoy webinars on Aircraft Owners Insurance, Tailwheel Flying, as well as topics related to flight schools and flying clubs.

Each month members will see a listing of the upcoming Stay Smart Webinars in the AOPA Benefits Bulletin – emailed to members on the first Saturday of every month. You can also view a list of upcoming webinars online. And if you miss a webinar that you had intended to attend, don’t worry, you can view the recording. Each webinar is archived for your viewing enjoyment at your convenience.

AOPA’s Stay Smart Webinar program is off to a great start with many thousands of viewers who have participated through the summer. We look forward to providing you – our valued members – with the best speakers and most pertinent topics that AOPA has to offer. See you online!

Kathy Dondzila

Kathleen Dondzila King

Manager, Technical Communications, Pilot Information Center
Technical Communications Manager, Kathleen Dondzila King, joined AOPA in 1990 and is an instrument-rated private pilot.
Topics: Pilot Protection Services, AOPA Products and Services, Events

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