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Decommissioning proposed for Bridgeport VOR/DME/RCODecommissioning proposed for Bridgeport VOR/DME/RCO

The FAA has proposed to decommission the Bridgeport VOR located in Bridgeport, Conn., a facility which serves 14 airports.

Members are encouraged to submit comments to the FAA on the impact of this proposal on their flight operations as provided below. The navaid was identified for decommissioning, the FAA said, because of the need for infrastructure upgrades and repairs estimated to cost $8.3 million, and because policy now requires that decommissioning must be evaluated for all VOR facilities prior to upgrading or performing major repairs.

Pilots may submit comments to the FAA on the decommissioning proposal by Feb. 5 in writing. Send comments to: Federal Aviation Administration, Eastern Service Center, Operations Support Group (AJV-E2), None Rule Case No. 12-ANE-209-NR, P.O. Box 20636, Atlanta, Ga. 30320.

Please also share your comments with AOPA.

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