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FAA proposes Northeast airway modificationsFAA proposes Northeast airway modifications

With the planned decommissioning of the Lake Henry VOR in Pennsylvania, the FAA is proposing modifications to several airways in the Northeast. The notice of proposed rulemaking is in the June 23 edition of the Federal Register.

The VOR decommissioning will require modifying several Victor airways to include T-route segments for those sections that had relied on the Lake Henry VOR. These new T-route segments will be based on a to-be-created GPS waypoint called LAAYK, which will be positioned almost exactly where the current Lake Henry VOR is located. And V-153 would be eliminated entirely due to pilots having alternative options and a low utilization rate.

AOPA continues to work with the FAA as it manages the transition away from ground-based navaids. “While we support the FAA’s efforts to retain the existing capacity through the overlay of T-routes, we would like to see the agency explore a more innovative approach,” said Tom Kramer, AOPA manager of airspace and modernization. “This is a great opportunity for the FAA to collaborate with stakeholders to optimize airway routes to improve access and efficiency. We do not want the FAA to simply start a wholesale conversion of Victor airways to T-routes.”

Members are being asked to comment on the notice of proposed rulemaking online, Docket No. 13-AEA-3. Also share a copy of the comments with AOPA. Comments are due by Aug. 12.

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