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Developers offer updates on aviation appsDevelopers offer updates on aviation apps

Since I started the weekly apps column in October 2012, I receive regular emails from developers with updates on app upgrades and fixes. So this week instead of listing five new apps, we’ll hear from those who have made changes to apps already mentioned in this column. These are not endorsements of any app.

On Feb. 26, I highlighted the Aviation W&B app, which handles weight-and-balance calculations easily and quickly. Since then, users can not only build their own template, but they can also email developer Roy Kronenfeld, who will research and build a personal template for their aircraft if they send him the pilot’s operating handbook as a PDF.

In the Jan. 3 edition of this column, covering pilots’ favorite apps, I included the wildly popular AviationMap by Avilution. Since then, new features have been added, including a map scribbles layer activated via long tap; notams displayed in details view for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and Internet; notam notification (ADS-B only) via the Flight Plan tab and Info Box; print option for approach plates, airport/facility directories, and airport diagrams; Garmin GLO support; and direct-to functionality for search by long tapping on Info Box.

On Nov. 13, 2012, I did a column on aviation apps members said they can’t live without, and one on the list was ForeFlight. Effective May 2, this iPad app has three new features: ADS-B traffic, plate swiping to change between procedures, and track vector that shows where your aircraft is heading.

The Nov. 13, 2012, column also featured WingX Pro, which has announced an upgrade in version In the upgrade, the airport diagram now auto-switches to departure procedures on takeoff and airport diagram on landing with user-configurable switching speeds. It also added WAAS indicator to GPS Accuracy View (not all ADS-B receivers supported), a prompt for Delete Waypoint, and search results sorted alphabetically or by distance.

Bendix/King has upgraded its myWingMan EFB to add ADS-B weather since I last highlighted it in the Dec. 10, 2012, column. Its updates also streamline flight planning and support for CSC DUATS, add direct-to waypoint to the top menu, offer the ability to lock the screen for maps, on-map distance measuring, and more, as AOPA reported during this year’s Sun ’n Fun International Fly-In and Expo.

ADS-B in-flight weather also has been added to AOPA’s FlyQ EFB, also mentioned in the Dec. 10, 2012, column. Other enhancements include the ability to show a procedure on the full screen, even from split-screen mode, select different approach plates without having to go back to the Airports tab, support for CSC DUATS, car rental options, and more.

In my Dec. 21, 2012, column highlighting 10 apps from the year, Garmin Pilot made the list. In version 5.0 of the app, Garmin added features including dynamic maps that enable track-up or north-up orientation, configurable maps, airport/facility directory, trip planning improvements, chart annotations, night mode, and customizable flight condition colors.

Finally, I covered Jeppesen’s Mobile FliteDeck in my Jan. 13 column on flight data apps. Since then, Jeppesen has released version 2.0.6 with new features including a smaller application download for worldwide terrain and cultural data, a cancel button that allows users to cancel a download if they think the update will take too long for current availability, the ability to view mid-cycle terminal chart changes 24 hours before the effective time, updated terminal chart categories to match customer feedback, and the ability to download individual weather types in the weather pop-up.

Please continue to send your Google Play and iTunes recommendations, here. The complete list of apps I’ve highlighted since October 2012 is in AOPA’s online archive.

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