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Five more logbook appsFive more logbook apps

A pilot’s logbook is the official record of their flights. It also serves as a personal diary of what we’ve learned and where we’ve been. Most of us hold on to that first paper logbook we received when we started our flying journey. But now, developers have brought the logbook online, with more features than paper versions. My original post on logbook apps was done on Dec. 18, 2012. Below I highlight another five logbook apps. These are not endorsements of any app.

  1. Aviation Pilot LogBook (free in Google Play)—This smartphone app allows users to create up to 50 customizable input fields, with the ability to change the name, position, and the visibility of the fields. The app also handles the importation of old flight data and has a crew duty rest calculator, export and backup functions, and an airport database.
  2. IntelliPilot Pilot LogBook (free in Google Play)—Currently in beta testing, the app will cost $15. Key features include the ability to capture flight details and past hours, approximately 10,000 airport codes, autocomplete for airport codes and flight numbers, and support of backup/restore and export to CSV format.
  3. Safelog Pilot Logbook ($39.99 in iTunes and Google Play)—This smartphone/tablet app also connects to the Safelog website and allows users to log flights, check currency, view reports, calculate totals, and customize fields. Features include built-in aircraft types, photos, journals, comments, notes, and more.
  4. FlightBox (free in iTunes, but some extra features are paid)—This iPhone app is a customizable logbook with entry features including date, aircraft, pilot in command, second in command, graphical route charting, duration, and dual instruction received.
  5. Premiere Logbook ($4.99 in iTunes)—This iPad app can track 60 different items per flight, including flight hours, approaches, landings, and airports. It can do automatic online backups via Dropbox and allows users to create their own fields that are not already among the default items.

If you have any iPad/iPhone/Android apps you think I should highlight in the upcoming months, please pass them along to me here. I want to give a big thank you to those who send in suggestions. Please keep them coming—they are greatly appreciated!

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