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Top three tips when purchasing an aircraftTop three tips when purchasing an aircraft

Ed Thompson, AOPA vice president of corporate partnerships, sits down with Chris Sanford of Aero-Space Reports.

Have you been thinking about purchasing an aircraft? If so, there are three key areas you need to consider to avoid potential problems.

  1. The Title Process. What if the aircraft has numerous liens on it, or has previously been located in an area with harsh weather conditions?
  2. Accidents and Incidents. Maybe the shiny aircraft you have your eye on has had some serious damage in the past that is no longer visible but should be checked out by a professional before you commit to the purchase.
  3. The Escrow Logistics. Ensure a properly executed sale. Your Escrow Agent is the central contact person for all parties for your transaction. They keep everything in order and all documents to be filed are in proper form.

AOPA’s Strategic Partner, Aero-Space Reports, can reduce the time and hassle associated with purchasing an aircraft while helping you save money. AOPA members receive a $65 discount off the title search package and a 10-percent discount on escrow transaction fees.

After you watch the video, learn more about Aero-Space Reports and how to take advantage of your AOPA discounts by visiting the Aero-Space Reports website.

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