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Air Safety Institute offers downloadable presentations

Chances are, you’ve participated in one of the Air Safety Institute’s free safety education programs—either online or at an in-person seminar. With more than 1 million contacts into the pilot community each year, the Air Safety Institute has tremendous reach.

Now, the institute has launched a new way to bring its free safety education content to anyone interested in sharing general aviation safety information at local community events. Just visit the newly launched Web page to select the program or programs you want, download them, and you’re all set for your next flying club or fly-in safety meeting, or ground school event at your FBO and flight school. All we ask is that you let us know, after your meeting, how many people were in attendance.

These programs are among those available:

  • “What Went Wrong” seminar: This PowerPoint presentation was a popular nationwide Air Safety Institute seminar series. Starting at the scene of the accident and working backward from there, the audience participates by acting as the accident investigator to determine what went wrong and why.
  • No Greater Burden video: In this documentary-style video, Russ Jeter shares the story of his personal tragedy. Find out what led to his aircraft accident that claimed the life of his son, and learn what every pilots needs to know to avoid a similar situation.
  • Accident Case Studies examine general aviation accidents by re-creating them using actual ATC-pilot communication, radar weather images, and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Lessons learned are outlined and serve as a great conversation starter at your safety meeting or ground school. From VFR into IMC to weather datalink delays, case studies offer in-depth analysis of accidents and their causes.
  • Real Pilot Stories are the tales of incidents and accidents, told in the pilot’s own voice in the hopes that other pilots will learn from their experiences. From an underwater escape to a VFR-only pilot trapped on top of a cloud layer, these stories are sure to open dialogue and encourage participants to share their own personal stories.
  • Ask ATC videos: In collaboration with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), this series of videos is an opportunity to listen to frequently asked questions answered by actual air traffic controllers.

New content will be added quarterly, so if you don’t see the program you want, be sure to check back often.

Many Air Safety Institute products are eligible for FAA Wings credit and AOPA Accident Forgiveness. In addition, you may download certificates of completion from your Air Safety Institute Transcript.

The Air Safety Institute is a division of the nonprofit AOPA Foundation. Funding for Air Safety Institute safety programs comes from the generosity of pilots like you.

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