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Developers offer app updatesDevelopers offer app updates

Five aviation apps developers have sent in updates of their apps, previously covered in this column. These are not endorsements of any app.

WingX Pro7 (99 cents in iTunes store, but add-on subscriptions range from $29.99 to $199.99): Version 7.1 of this iPhone/iTunes app supports the recently technical standard order (TSO) certified NavWorx ADS600-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) In and Out transceiver. It now also supports Guardian Avionics Aero 454, an FAA TSO certified remote mount device that receives GPS data from a wide range of FAA-certified equipment including the Garmin G1000, G900X, G600, and G500, GTN 750/650, GNS 530/480/430/400, as well as the KLN 89 and KLN 90B.

Aviation W&B Calculator ($9.99 in iTunes): The latest version of this weight and balance app now allows users to build their own template if they email the developer. A member said he received templates for the three light sport aircraft he flies—Dova Skylark, Remos GX, and Evector SportStar.

Xavion ($99.99 in iTunes): Version 1.22 of the app incorporates ADS-B, METAR, and winds aloft data to provide engine-out glide solutions. It also includes refinement in the interface and weather management.

Connect 2 Landmark (free in iTunes and Google Play): The upgraded app allows customers to look up detailed information about Landmark’s FBO services. It also allows customers to view maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) offerings and the current charter fleet, and also allows them to request a charter quote.

Sporty’s E6B ($9.99 in iTunes and Google Play): Version 2.0 of this calculator app offers users quick access to their favorites list, a redesigned interface, and a new weight and balance calculator that creates and stores unique aircraft profiles. It also offers a new clock view for display of Zulu, home, and local time zones and a help guide explaining how to use the app and all the individual features.

I’m working on future columns and could really use iTunes and Google Play app suggestions in the following categories: fuel, flight training, FBOs/services, instrument simulators, logbooks, and radar. Please email them to me here. Thank you to those who have sent in suggestions. See what apps I’ve already covered here.

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