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Getting general with aviation appsGetting general with aviation apps

There are all kinds of great aviation apps that don’t necessarily fit in the neat categories I’ve created for this column. My first column on this was Jan. 22, and the second was May 29. So for the third time, I look at apps that do everything from measure oxygen saturation to information on Sling aircraft. These are not endorsements of any app.

Masimo iSpO2 IPhone Pulse Oximeter (free in iTunes but the actual oximeter costs $249)—When connected to an iPhone or iPad, the pulse oximeter can measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate during movement. A color display gives users readings and graphs to monitor trends over time, and that data can be exported into .CSV files.

FAA Acronym Mobile App (free in iTunes and Google Play)—As a student pilot, I’m always amazed at the number of acronyms used in aviation. But thanks to the folks at North Star Group, the acronym app makes easy work of searching through an extensive list of commonly used FAA acronyms for their definitions. And users are encouraged to submit FAA or aviation industry-related acronyms to North Star Group, which can be added to the app’s acronym list.

World Airport Codes (£1.49 in iTunes and $2.50 in Google Play)—This smartphone and tablet app allows users to view airport codes, contact details, and location coordinates for more than 9,000 airports worldwide.

Sling Builder (free in iTunes)—Sling aircraft enthusiasts will enjoy this app, which covers information including parts inventory, builder plans, videos, the pilot's operating handbook, and the latest news on the aircraft.

FAR/AIM ($9.99 in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad app contains information from Titles 14 and 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations pertinent to pilots, flight instructors, and flight crew, combined with the Aeronautical Information Manual, and Pilot/Controller Glossary. Users can study by certificate lists for private, sport, instrument/CFII, commercial, flight instructor, flight engineer, and airline transport pilot.

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