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September 27, 2013, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletterSeptember 27, 2013, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletter


SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 - VOL 15, ISSUE 39

Top Stories


Tackling FAA cuts

Budget deadlines are approaching fast and cuts associated with sequestration are inevitable, but AOPA and other general aviation associations are collaborating to protect pilots and ensure the integrity of the air transportation system. Read more... Share:  


AOPA Live This Week

Federal shutdown looms, AOPA presses Customs

A fiscal showdown in Washington, D.C., may spell more trouble for general aviation. AOPA is fighting another battle against federal efforts to block information on aircraft searches. Also this week, ride back in time in a very special antique aircraft. AOPA Live This Week, Sept. 26. Share:  


Technique and Safety



'Awfully close to the houses'

Two retired airline pilots were shooting instrument approaches and taking turns acting as safety pilot. On the day's last approach, something didn't look right. Read more... Share:  


IFR quiz, login required

A visit to the grey lady

Today, you will be flying your Cessna 182 from Burlington, Vt., to Nantucket, Mass., to enjoy the fall weather. But Nantucket being Nantucket, you'll have fog to contend with. Is your IFR knowledge up for the challenge? Take the quiz... Share:  



Determining an abort point

Pilots must be several steps ahead of the airplane in flight, but this concept also applies to the takeoff roll. Have a plan in place in case you need to abort your takeoff before you're even off the ground. Watch the video... Share:  



Air Safety Investigator's conference

After an accident, it's often pretty clear that the pilot was light on either skill or judgment. In the judgment accidents, the question is whether the pilot was ignorant of the risk or just decided to take off based on past successes. Read more... Share:  

AOPA Aviation Summit



Fly a C-47 at Summit

Greatest Generation Aircraft will be offering AOPA Aviation Summit Airportfest attendees the chance to ride in or fly a Douglas C-47. Read more... Share:  



North Texas Aviation Week

AOPA Aviation Summit will help kick off the first North Texas Aviation Week in Fort Worth. Read more... Share:  



Tour flight service hub

Meet the flight service specialists on the other side of the phone and radio during a tour of Lockheed Martin's state-of-the-art Fort Worth Automated Flight Service Station hub during AOPA Aviation Summit. Read more... Share:  



'Get Airborne': Hands-on experience for teens

Teens ages 13 through 18 can participate in the free hands-on experience "Get Airborne: What you need to know," Oct. 12 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at AOPA Aviation Summit in Fort Worth, Texas. It will feature learning stations and a close-up look at general aviation aircraft. Luke Hickerson and John Ponts from Flying Wild Alaska will talk about their flying experiences during lunch, provided by AOPA. Pre-registration is required for the event, held at Airportfest at Meacham International Airport. Register now...


Call for volunteers

Help direct the action at Summit

AOPA is looking for volunteers to help with parking attendee aircraft, directing ground transportation, and managing the flow of people and vehicles Oct. 8 through 13 for AOPA Aviation Summit. Summit is coming to Fort Worth, Texas, Oct. 10 through 12. Volunteers who work a minimum of five hours will receive a Summit "Exhibits and Seminars" one-day pass (a $55 value). Sign up to volunteer today.




Customs moves to keep records secret

Customs and Border Protection is asking for the right to keep records secret, but AOPA says the agency needs to slow down and give Congress time to investigate reports of stops and searches on purely domestic general aviation flights. In the meantime, the association is meeting with members of Congress and their staffs to seek support for ending these stops and searches. Read more... Share:  



NTSB implements Pilot's Bill of Rights

The NTSB has finalized a series of rules implementing the requirements of the Pilot's Bill of Rights. The new rules help ensure that pilots facing enforcement actions are treated fairly and have access to the information needed to appeal. The NTSB also has proposed a new rule that would help pilots facing emergency certificate actions. Read more... Share:  



FAA seeks more input on proposed ECi AD

The FAA has provided additional information and extended the comment period on a proposed airworthiness directive affecting thousands of ECi cylinders. The move follows a request from AOPA and six other organizations. Read more... Share:  



House GA Caucus hits new record

General aviation has more friends in Congress than ever before, with participation in the House GA Caucus reaching a new high of 223 members. That marks the first time more than half the members of the House have been part of the group. Read more... Share:  



Senate caucus hears how to double safety, halve cost

AOPA met with key senators and staffers recently to talk about ways to make general aviation aircraft twice as safe at half the cost. The discussion was part of a briefing on Part 23 aircraft certification reform hosted by the Senate GA Caucus. Read more... Share:  



New blog spotlights AOPA's advocacy

AOPA members know that advocacy is a vital component of the association's mission of preserving the freedom to fly. How does the advocacy process work? Read more... Share:  



Members only

Kidney failure and transplants

The FAA grants special issuance authorizations to airmen who have had certain organ transplants. The agency requires a six-month "period of observation" after the transplantation surgery takes place. Read more... Share:  


CORRECTION: In the Sept. 20 issue of AOPA ePilot, we incorrectly identified the date of the death of Wiley Post. Post died Aug. 15, 1935. We regret the error.




Swept-blades for C90 family

A swept-blade propeller developed by Hartzell and Raisbeck will be available for King Air C90 models beginning in January. The modification, already available for King Air 200, B200, and B200GT models, boosts performance and adds ramp appeal. Read more... Share:  



An unleaded avgas passes another test

The long-elusive prospect of a viable unleaded avgas that would be useable by most of the piston fleet (without aircraft or engine modification) may be edging closer to reality. Swift Fuels has opened a new blending facility in Indiana that is capable of producing 10,000 gallons a month, and hopes to strike a deal with a major oil company soon. CEO Chris D'Acosta said if regulatory hurdles are cleared, mass production could begin within three years. Read more... Share:  




Flying silently, part 1

It's interesting that we in the general aviation business have such a low sensitivity to the noise that our machines produce. In what other job do people put on a coat and tie and go to work in an environment where they have to use headphones to hear the normal speaking voice of colleagues—some just a couple of feet away? Read more... Share:  



The 7,000-foot-long putting green

Triple Tree Aerodrome isn't anything like what you've ever landed on. It's the flat, smooth, springy stuff that golf courses use for their putting greens. Seven thousand feet of it. Every good landing on that stuff, is, well, phenomenal. Read more... Share:  



The WilgaBeast: One pilot's secret weapon

The PZL 104 Wilga 35, a former Polish Air Force aircraft, turns heads on any ramp. Dubbed the "WilgaBeast" by owner Cory Robin, the aircraft's odd design—which includes fixed leading-edge slats, trailing link gear, helicopter-like fuselage, and radial engine—is a great conversation starter. Read more... Share:  




Developer cites iOS 7 issues

Apple's new operating system is causing some mobile devices to "lock up" or spontaneously restart, according to one aviation application developer. While there are no widespread reports of system crashes, Hilton Software is advising users to hold off on the iOS 7 update, and Garmin is suggesting "caution." Read more... Share:  



Garmin's VIRB competes with GoPro

Garmin is jumping into action cameras with the VIRB, a compact, well-engineered unit sure to begin showing up in cockpits immediately. Read more... Share:  



Jeppesen: An elegantly designed VFR app

Jeppesen's Mobile FliteDeck VFR takes a refreshing and seemingly unique stance in the superheated app arms race. Instead of following rival techies who ceaselessly add more features and greater complexity to every version, Jeppesen boldly simplifies its software with an elegant app that presents only essential flight information in a clean, intelligent way. Read more... Share:  



Maintenance: Improving aircraft performance, part 2

Chances are that your aircraft's performance is somewhat less than the book numbers in your operations manual, but there is a lot that you can do to get reasonably close. Read more... Share:  


Apps of the week

Getting general with aviation apps

"General" aviation apps offer everything from medical to aircraft functions. Check out these apps that measure oxygen saturation, define acronyms, offer airport information, cover all things Sling aircraft, and review the FAR/AIM. Read more... Share:  




Arctic quest, part 3

Ancient rocks form a jagged promontory to the right of the final approach path; melting snow creates a muddy hazard to the left. Pilots thread the needle with 3.5 tons of Quest Kodiak slowing to 60 knots, delivering passengers for a few sunlit nights working on an island that is the closest analog to Mars that Earth can offer. Read more... Share:  




$1 gas offer terms noted

Redbird Skyport's experimental offer to sell avgas for a dollar a gallon in San Marcos, Texas, throughout October has generated such intense interest that the company has followed up with a statement explaining the deal's terms. Read more... Share:  



Daniel Boone Flying Club: Encouraging joy of flight

A focus on new pilots, a not-for-profit equity membership structure, and an emphasis on low-cost flying are the keys for success at the Daniel Boone Flying Club. Read more... Share:  


Member benefit

Aircraft ownership carries tax benefits

There are sound financial reasons for aircraft ownership. Beyond the money saved on overnight trips, delays caused by airlines, and other miscellaneous expenses, owning an airplane has definite tax advantages. Read more... Share:  


Member benefit

Owner's cheat sheet for aircraft insurance

Insuring your aircraft is no easy task. It's a substantial investment, and understanding the ins and outs of the insurance industry can be confusing to put it mildly. Here's a simple checklist to help you navigate the process. Read more... Share:  

News and Notes



FAA ends direct-to-consumer paper chart sales

AOPA is reminding pilots who purchase paper navigation charts direct from the FAA that they will have to find a new authorized supplier by Oct. 1. Read more... Share:  



Quest Kodiak milestone

It took just more than six years for Quest Aircraft to sell 100 Kodiaks, and the Sandpoint, Idaho, company celebrated that milestone Sept. 19. A customer from Arizona purchased that particular airplane, which is gaining a foothold worldwide in the market for backcountry beasts that sport a sophisticated side. Read more... Share:  



Flight Training Excellence finalists announced

AOPA has selected 12 top flight training professionals and 11 flight schools as finalists in its annual Flight Training Excellence Awards. A top winner in each category will be named next month at AOPA Aviation Summit 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas. Read more... Share:  



Have you logged 'startle' time?

New requirements for the airline transport pilot exam will hit in 2014. The first effect of making ATP candidates take more training is to discourage those who get it just for fun. The second is to take smaller schools out of the ATP training market, writes AOPA Pilot Senior Editor Al Marsh. Read more... Share:  



Strange but true general aviation news

Interesting uses for drones, Google loses a government fuel deal, and a glider lands on a convenience store. Read more... Share:  




Air Mod refurbs

The old, rotten plywood floorboards are gone! Long live the new, much stronger, lighter, and better looking aluminum-reinforced floorboards for the sweepstakes Debonair. Take a look at this and other improvements being made at Air Mod. Read more... Share:  

AOPA Career Opportunities


Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? We're looking for a Web applications developer III, financial analyst, staff assistant/PAC coordinator, and AOPA Live editor/graphic artist. To learn more about other AOPA career opportunities, visit AOPA Online.

Question of the Week


Last year in the United States there were 642.2 million domestic airline passengers. But when airlines were in their infancy, general aviation was the way to fly. What was the ratio of GA passengers to scheduled airline passengers in 1929?


It was 17 to 1. There were 2,955,530 general aviation passengers and 173,405 scheduled airline passengers in the United States in 1929. (Sources: The Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics and Flight in America 1900-1983 by Roger Bilstein.)


Got a question for our aviation services staff? The AOPA Pilot Information Center is a service available to all members as part of the annual dues. Contact AOPA.



Question on coast-to-coast trip

Should a new pilot buy or lease an aircraft for a coast-to-coast trip? Read more...


Education and Seminars

Flight Instructor Refresher Courses

Sept 28-29 - Richmond, Va.

Oct 5-6 - Indianapolis, Ind.; Wichita, Kan.; and Corpus Christi, Texas

Oct 12-13 - Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; and Nashville, Tenn.

Oct 19-20 - Columbia, S.C.; San Jose, Calif.; and Windsor Locks, Conn.

For a complete schedule, see AOPA Online. Can't make it in person? Sign up for the Air Safety Institute's new Online eFIRC.

Air Safety Institute Safety Seminars

Sept 30 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Oct 1 - Madison, Wis.; Huntsville, Ala.; and Des Moines, Iowa

Oct 2 - Milwaukee, Wis.; Decatur, Ga.; and Bellevue, Neb.

Oct 3 - Manitowoc, Wis.; Olathe, Kan.; and Greenville, S.C.

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