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April 4, 2014, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletterApril 4, 2014, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletter

Flight line at Sun 'n Fun in silhouette

APRIL 4, 2014 - VOL 16, ISSUE 14

Top Stories


FAA talks third class medical

The FAA on April 2 announced plans to go through a rulemaking process that could result in more pilots being allowed to fly without a third class medical. The announcement comes two years after AOPA and the Experimental Aircraft Association jointly petitioned the FAA to allow more pilots to fly a wider range of aircraft without a third class medical certificate. Read more... Share:  


AOPA Live This Week

Sun 'n Fun news, FAA medical announcement

Lakeland is basking in Florida sun, and AOPA's Sun 'n Fun spotlight is on new aircraft and new products. If you aren't lucky enough to be there, watch the can't-miss highlights. Plus, get the latest on the FAA's announcement to explore rulemaking on the third class medical issue. As of publication deadline, AOPA Live producers were still finalizing AOPA Live This Week®, which will be available April 4. Share:  

Sun 'n Fun



Company buys Liberty, tests twin

Discovery Aviation will manufacture the two-place Liberty XL-2, and flight testing has been completed for the new Discovery 201, a twin-engine, multirole utility aircraft. Read more... Share:  



Fly for $300 a month? 'You can'

With the high cost of avgas and new aircraft prices soaring, is it possible to fly for $200 or $300 a month? "The answer is, you can," said AOPA President Mark Baker at a panel discussion April 1 at the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Fla. Read more... Share:  



AOPA members love their pancakes

More than 200 attendees packed AOPA's big yellow tent at Sun 'n Fun on April 2 to feast on free pancakes at a breakfast that featured a Q-and-A session with AOPA President Mark Baker. Read more... Share:  



Tri-Motor offers vintage experience

The Ford Tri-Motor passenger briefing covers the usual items, with a few twists—like the fact that one emergency exit is through the roof, or that you'll need to climb uphill through the aisle to get to your seat. Read more... Share:  



What portable ADS-B won't tell you

Although they are very popular with pilots, receive-only portable Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) devices may not provide a complete picture of traffic near your aircraft—and they do not comply with the FAA's 2020 mandate for ADS-B capability on aircraft operating in significant portions of U.S. airspace. Read more... Share:  



Open Airplane expands to individual aircraft owners

Open Airplane has expanded its network of rental aircraft to individual owners who can make their airplanes available to a growing pool of pilots. Read more... Share:  



Sights of Sun 'n Fun

Aircraft of all shapes and sizes, from an Airbus A320 to general aviation rarities, are gleaming under the Florida sun, and there is plenty of fun being had at Sun 'n Fun, too. AOPA has an expanded presence this year in Lakeland, Fla., meeting friends new and old in the hub of the general aviation community during the first week of April. See some of the sights you may have missed. View the slideshow... Share:  



More Sun 'n Fun news

Get the latest on ADS-B deals; aircraft updates on the Premier Edition 172, Stemme S-10, Tecnam Astore, and turboprop RV-10; avionics upgrades; and more from Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Fla. See all of AOPA’s coverage online... Share:  

Technique and Safety


Accident analysis

Judgment call

The question of whether to attempt an instrument approach to an airport where the weather is below minimums is left entirely to the pilot's discretion under 14 CFR Part 91. The fact that it's legal doesn't make it wise, as is evidenced in this special report from the Air Safety Institute. Read more... Share:  



A full-scale deflection

When the CDI became fully deflected, time was up for troubleshooting a glitchy GPS. Read more... Share:  



A dangerous turn to overshoot

Overshooting the base-to-final turn can be problematic if you're not careful. Pilots from every experience level can fall prey to the problem of flying low and slow while skidding around the turn. So how and why does this happen? Watch the video... Share:  


Rotorcraft Rookie

The best study materials

Although there may be more books and reference materials in the fixed-wing world, most helicopter study materials are really well done. Read more... Share:  




FAA redrafts sleep apnea guidelines

The FAA has sent new draft guidelines for dealing with potential cases of sleep apnea among pilots to key members of the medical community for review. The new guidelines were developed after AOPA and others objected to a more restrictive policy announced in late 2013, and Congress introduced legislation to require the FAA to undergo a formal rulemaking process before implementing any new policy related to sleep disorders. Read more... Share:  



Members only

Five ways to prevent doctors from killing you

Medical errors (acts of omission and commission) are among the leading causes of death in the United States. So what can you do to prevent becoming an unpleasant statistic? Read more... Share:  




Premier 172 diesel upgrade progress

Premier Aircraft Sales' first Premier Edition 172 should be completed within three weeks. The Cessna 172 is being upgraded with a Centurion 2.0 turbodiesel engine and a Garmin glass panel with touch-screen avionics. Read more... Share:  



Synthetic traffic advisory demonstrated

Commercial, off-the-shelf technologies being incorporated into a synthetic air traffic advisory system (SATAS) that would automate airport advisories were demonstrated at Florida's Lakeland Linder Regional Airport during Sun 'n Fun. Read more... Share:  




Why pilots, planes will become obsolete: What can we do about it?

If general aviation is not to become a bunch of old guys flying old airplanes, then the aviation community must reposition GA in such a way that it appeals to younger generations, writes Opinion Leaders blogger John Petersen, as he lays out an eight-point plan of action. Read more... Share:  




DeLorme cuts inReach service fees

DeLorme has cut service fees for its inReach satellite communicator. In addition, the device has been approved for Lockheed Martin’s Adverse Condition Alerting Service and FAA satellite reporting in Alaska. Read more... Share:  



FreeFlight lowers ADS-B prices

To encourage aircraft owners to invest in ADS-B sooner, FreeFlight Systems is selling a complete ADS-B universal access transceiver kit, including a Wi-Fi adapter allowing data display on an iPad, for $3,995 through the end of the year. Read more... Share:  



Stratus adds features

The Stratus Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver from Sporty's Pilot Shop has added a split-screen attitude view, animated radar, and an iPad-battery-saving feature, Sporty's announced April 2 at Sun 'n Fun. Read more... Share:  



Airvan gets executive interior option

To add some luxury to its eight-place GA8 Airvan utility aircraft, GippsAero is offering an optional executive interior. Read more... Share:  




San Marcos beckons pilots

More than 1,200 pilots and aviation enthusiasts have already made plans to attend the first regional AOPA Fly-In of the season in San Marcos, Texas, on April 26. Don't get left out of the excitement, or miss your free lunch—RSVP today. Share:  


Member benefits

What is emergency travel assistance?

Emergency travel assistance is an important stop-gap between what your medical plan covers and what emergency medical expenses most health insurance plans never pay. Read more... Share:  




Couple donates Twin Bee to Vermont school

Californians Jeanette and Roger Glazer have enjoyed their Twin Bee UC-1 for the past six years, but recently considered selling it. Instead, the Seaplane Pilots Association convinced the couple to donate their storied aircraft. Read more... Share:  



Be a member of the club

AOPA sees the formation and promotion of flying clubs as a key initiative to bring more people into the flying community and help make flying more affordable. The association hosted a breakfast April 3 at Sun 'n Fun to help spread the message. Read more... Share:  



AeroShell's Able Flight scholarship honors Alan Henley

AeroShell has given Able Flight $24,000 in the name of paralyzed former AeroShell Aerobatic Team Leader Alan Henley that will enable three disabled student pilots to pursue sport pilot certificates. Read more... Share:  



Sherpa Aircraft deal with Chinese investor fails

A deal announced in January 2013 for an infusion of cash from a Chinese investor to certify the Sherpa 650T utility tailwheel aircraft has failed. Read more... Share:  

News and Notes



JetBlue flies students to Sun 'n Fun

With fanfare provided by the Florida Air Force ROTC Honor Guard and Drum Corps, a JetBlue Airbus A320 arrived on Lakeland Linder Regional Airport’s Runway 5 bearing 120 students and school leadership from Long Island City, N.Y., and York College, Pa. Read more... Share:  


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Piper Super Cub vs. de Havilland Beaver

Two true general aviation airplanes have made it to the finals of AOPA's Best Aircraft Showdown: The Piper Super Cub and the de Havilland Beaver. You decide which one will be crowned the 2014 champion! AOPA has extended the showdown to give you more time to pick between these two classics. Voting is open until April 6. Vote now...



Enjoy the '60s with 'AOPA Pilot'

What did business trips and camping trips look like in 1960? Get a glimpse from the AOPA Pilot covers from that year as AOPA continues to open covers for members to choose their favorite. Take the poll... Share:  


AOPA Stay Smart webinar

Find and keep good CFIs

Flight school owners can get a leg up on the competition by attracting highly qualified instructors; the next challenge is to retain them. Join FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Jason Blair for a Flight School Business webinar April 15 at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time that will cover the latest trends, and offer tips on retaining CFIs. Register now... Share:  



Quicksilver intros Sport 2S

Quicksilver's latest product is the new Sport 2S, a 65-horsepower Rotax 582-powered two-seater made of aluminum tubing and Dacron-covered airfoils. Read more... Share:  


More News

Camp offers glider training for Chinese students

TBM 900 debuts to public at Sun 'n Fun

Scheme Designers hosts scavenger hunt

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AOPA career opportunities

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Question of the Week


When did the U.S. government first get involved in the medical certification of pilots?


The Air Commerce Act of 1926 paved the way for licensing and medical certification of pilots. The first group of aviation medical examiners was announced on Feb. 28, 1927. (Source: FAA.)

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GoPro mount

What is the best GoPro camera mount?


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Flight Instructor Refresher Courses

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May 17-18 - Sacramento, Calif.; Kansas City, Mo.; and Houston, Texas.

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Air Safety Institute Safety Seminars

Apr 7 - Glasgow, Ky.

Apr 8 - Danville, Ky.; and Birmingham, Ala.

Apr 9 - Marietta, Ga.

Apr 10 - Pensacola, Fla.

Topics vary—for details and a complete schedule, see AOPA Online.

Rusty Pilot Seminars

Apr 12 - Dunkirk, N.Y.

Apr 15 - Dunkirk, N.Y.

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