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December 12, 2014, AOPA ePilot: Flight Training EditionDecember 12, 2014, AOPA ePilot: Flight Training Edition

ePilot Flight Training Edition

December 12, 2014 - VOL 14, ISSUE 50

Training Tips


A pre-solo assessment

A student pilot and his instructor are flying the traffic pattern at the home airport. Despite flying at the correct airspeed and commencing the turn to final above the local big-box store as usual, the sight picture from the left seat shows the trainer sailing past the final approach path. The flight instructor waits for the student (who is nearing a first solo) to sort things out. The overshoot isn't a deal-breaker; the corrective action will be much more revealing. How would you handle the overshoot? Read more...  

Flight Training News


Daniel Webster offers credit for flight training

Daniel Webster College students may obtain credit for flight training conducted at Pilgrim Aviation through a transfer articulation agreement starting in the spring 2015 term. Read more...  


Fly like a fighter

Smoke in the cockpit

Passing 3,000 feet and only 9 miles from the field, smoke started coming out from between the seats of the T-37 the Air Force student was flying with an instructor pilot. "When I realized it was real, and the smoke was not dissipating, the good old adrenaline kicked in," writes retired Air Force pilot Larry Brown. His emergency procedures training paid off. Read more...  


Emirates-CAE Flight Training, flydubai partner on type rating

A recently announced agreement between Emirates-CAE Flight Training and United Arab Emirates-based airline flydubai will enable commercial pilots with fewer than 1,500 hours to earn a type rating in the Boeing 737-800. Pilots who successfully complete the program, which is underway at the Emirates-CAE Flight Training and Dubai Silicon Oasis centers, will be able to apply for vacancies at flydubai and may be invited to interview.



'Hold your position, just stop!'

These words serve as a reminder of how quickly one wrong turn while taxiing in severely reduced visibility can set the stage for mistaken assumptions by air traffic control and pilots. Learn how they averted a serious accident and how you can avoid a runway incursion by communicating clearly, being vigilant, and having good situational awareness. Watch this Air Safety Institute animation...  


Embry-Riddle VP donates airplane, scholarships to high school

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Vice President for Corporate Relations and Government Affairs Louis C. Seno Jr. and his wife, Christine, will donate a display aircraft and $150,000 in long-term scholarship support to West Michigan Aviation Academy, a tuition-free public charter high school in Grand Rapids, Embry-Riddle said in a media release. Seno will donate his late father's Corben Junior Ace, which has a wingspan of 26 feet and weighs less than 1,000 pounds, for display; the elder Seno flew the aircraft around the perimeter of the United States in 40 days in 1976 to commemorate the nation's bicentennial and raise money for cancer research.

Training Resources

Flash-based, login required

Don't take Frosty for a ride

As winter weather settles into many parts of the country, make sure to take enough time for a thorough weather briefing and to check pireps before launching in conditions that may be conducive to icing. For a solid refresher on how to avoid precipitation that can turn your aircraft into an icicle, take the Air Safety Institute's Weather Wise: Precipitation and Icing online course. Learn more...

Did you know that student pilots who join AOPA are three times more likely to complete their flight training? Membership includes unlimited access to aviation information by phone (800/USA-AOPA, weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time) or from Flight Training Online or AOPA Online. If you're not already a member, join today and get the pilot's edge.


AOPA Live This Week

Christmas drones, flying dog

Christmas is coming and so are the drones. Congress steps in on the subject of unmanned aircraft. Also, civilian pilots receive long overdue congressional honors, and a flying dog helps bring more kids into general aviation. AOPA Live This Week®, Dec. 11...  

Career Pilot


Aircraft valuation: What's in a number?

What's an airplane worth? The simple answer is what someone will pay for it. But the price you pay doesn't carry much weight when you are looking for a loan. When a business aircraft buyer looks for financing, the bank may call in someone like American Society of Appraisers Senior Accredited Appraiser Richard Berkemeier for a valuation. Read more...  


Singapore Airlines named best long-haul airline

Singapore Airlines has been voted the best long-haul airline in the Telegraph Travel Awards 2014, a reader travel survey. Singapore Airlines was the first to fly the Airbus A380 and has "best in class" onboard service, according to The Telegraph. Emirates and Virgin Atlantic were first and second runners-up.

For more aviation career news, see the Flight Training website.

Plane Spotter

Cross-country 'Cruzer'

An airplane designed with off-airport capabilities is sure to draw attention, usually to its short takeoff and landing (STOL) design, or some other prominent feature such as large tundra tires or an extremely powerful engine-and-propeller combo. And then there is the occasional manufacturer who touts the novelty of an "on-airport" aircraft influenced by a previous design. That's how Zenith Aircraft differentiates its CH 750 Cruzer, a light sport kitplane—"an economical, two-seat cross-country cruiser that you can easily and quickly build yourself"—from Chris Heintz's STOL CH 750 utility aircraft.

Training Products

Sporty's launches Wright Bros. Christmas ornament

Sporty's Pilot Shop has introduced its inaugural Wright Bros. Collection Christmas ornament, a 70-millimeter glass ball in royal blue with a holiday scene featuring a Piper Cub. The 2014 ornament is the start of an annual holiday tradition, Sporty's said, and sells for $24.99.


ASA intros practical guide for practical test

Aviation Supplies & Academics Inc. (ASA) has introduced the Practical Guide to the Private Pilot Checkride, a new study guide that helps private pilot candidates prepare for the oral and flight portions of the test. Author Gregg Brightwell explains examiner expectations and consolidates guidance materials into points and checklists that are easily referenced and remembered in the book, which sells for $14.95 as an e-book, $19.95 as a paperback, or $24.95 as a bundle.

Note: Products listed have not been evaluated by ePilot editors unless otherwise noted. AOPA assumes no responsibility for products or services listed or for claims or actions by manufacturers or vendors.

Member Benefits

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Tips to prevent clots

Deep vein thrombosis, a clot forming deep inside the legs, has the capacity to kill. Find out what you can do to avoid this problem. Read more...  


Honesty pays

In your aviation career, you may make mistakes that result in damage or embarrassment. Lying about an incident, however, can make the consequences much worse. "There may well be punishment—even harsh punishment—but a suspension is by far better than a termination," writes blogger Chip Wright. Read more...  

Instrument Tip


In uncharted territory

Turbulence had knocked out the autopilot as a Cessna Citation's flight crew prepared for arrival in Naples, Florida. With weather near minimums, the increased workload of hand-flying the approach wasn't a welcome development. At such times, a thought runs through a pilot's mind: "I hope nothing else goes wrong." But something did. Read more...  

Final Exam


When a pilot uses pilot-controlled lighting to activate the runway lights, how long will the lights stay illuminated?


Pilot-controlled lighting will stay illuminated for 15 minutes from the time of the most recent activation. (Source: Aeronautical Information Manual 2-1-9.)

Got a question for our technical services staff? Contact AOPA.

Career Opportunities

Aviation job board

Job of the week: Chief flight instructor, Purdue University

The Department of Aviation Technology at Purdue University invites applications for a chief flight instructor (continuing lecturer) position, to be located on the West Lafayette, Indiana, campus. This position is a fiscal year appointment (12 months), and will commence on Jan. 1, 2015. The Aviation Technology department houses multiple undergraduate and graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) degree programs designed to prepare graduates to serve in many diverse positions in the discipline. The Professional Pilot Program prepares students to become highly skilled aviators and future industry leaders. Read the full job description and apply today.


AOPA career opportunities

Join the AOPA team

Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? We're looking for an associate editor— Web/ePilot, program manager for flight training initiatives, senior advertising sales/account executive, digital marketing manager, major gift officer, senior ambassador, .Net applications developer, social media evangelist, legal services plan program manager, and account manager II. To learn more about other AOPA career opportunities, visit AOPA Online.

Education and Seminars

Flight Instructor Refresher Courses

Jan 3-4 - Charlotte, North Carolina; Portland, Oregon; and Ypsilanti, Michigan

Jan 10-11 - San Antonio, Texas; Long Beach, California; Knoxville, Tennessee; and Bellevue, Washington

Jan 17-18 - Santa Clara, California; Ridgeland, Mississippi; and Baltimore, Maryland

Feb 7-8 - Sacramento, California; Nashua, New Hampshire; Louisville, Kentucky; Fairfax, Virginia; and New Orleans, Louisiana

For a complete schedule, see AOPA Online. Can't make it in person? Sign up for the Air Safety Institute's Online eFIRC.

Air Safety Institute Safety Seminars

Jan 5 - Mesa, Arizona; and Reno, Nevada

Jan 6 - Sacramento, California; and Tucson, Arizona

Jan 7 - El Paso, Texas; and Milpitas, California

Jan 8 - Santa Rosa, California; and Albuquerque, New Mexico

Topics vary—for details and a complete schedule, see AOPA Online.

Rusty Pilot Seminars

Jan 8 - Carlsbad, California

Jan 10 - Farmingdale, New York

Jan 15 - Murrieta, California

Jan 17 - Keene, New Hampshire

For a complete schedule, see AOPA Online.

Aviation Calendar

Want something to do this weekend? Planning an aviation getaway? See AOPA's enhanced calendar of events. Now you can filter events by date range, airport ID, state, or region. Before you take off on an adventure, make sure you check our current aviation weather provided by Jeppesen.

To include an event or to search all events in the calendar, visit AOPA Online. For airport details, including FBO fuel prices, see AOPA Airports.

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