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Plan flights with these five apps

In order to fly from point A to point B, you have to plan. So check out these five apps that help with the flight planning process. These are not endorsements of any app.

Airports 4 Pilots Pro - World Edition ($6.99 in iTunes)—This app, optimized for the iPhone 5, has a database that covers about 26,000 public and private facilities around the world. It includes detailed information on each facility’s runways, operations, contacts, services, supplies, frequencies, flight service stations, and more. It also includes current FAA remarks for facilities, as well as satellite imagery and maps.

RocketRoute 4 Flight Planning + Navigation (free in iTunes, but subscription required)—This iPad app’s features include worldwide IFR moving maps, flight briefing and management, airport plates, and weather services.

Pilot Plan (free in iTunes)—Pilot Plan is a simple iPhone/iPad app that lets pilots of light aircraft quickly determine common configurations and effective range for their aircraft during the pre-flight planning process. The app allows users to create simple pilot logs (PLOGS) by either creating them in a menu or dropping waypoints in the map. It can also display controlled airspace on the map in supported countries and display METARs and TAFs as required.

Avare (free in Google Play)—This smartphone app offers users online or offline airport/facility directory information, approach plates, and a GPS moving map on FAA VFR sectionals, world aeronautical charts, and terminal area charts. It also allows for manual browsing of all charts and all other materials even without cell service or GPS.

TFRs: Temporary Flight Restrictions Aviation Pilot NOTAMs ($9.99 in iTunes)—Users of this iPhone/iPad app can quickly and easily check for temporary flight restrictions (TFRs). The app includes graphical TFR maps of the entire United States, displaying active TFRs in red on maps. Users may search by state and center, and view full TFR descriptions.

If you have any iOS, Android, or Windows apps suggestions, please pass them along here.  See a complete list of apps reviewed here.

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