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Apps handle different aviation tasks

Many aviation apps don’t necessarily fit into the usual categories covered here. Below are five “general” apps that handle different pilot tasks. These are not endorsements of any app.

I-Timer (free in Google Play)—This app serves as a simple timer for IFR and VFR pilots. Functions include a countdown timer in seconds, countdown in degrees for standard-rate turns, and the option to use any phone button to start and stop.

FlightWinds (free in iTunes and Google Play)—This app acts as a graphical wind component calculator. In addition to breaking the wind into headwind and crosswind components, it also alerts the pilot if a personal or aircraft wind component limitation has been exceeded.

Aviation Tools (free in Google Play)—This smartphone app offers users instant access to information including METARs, TAFs, notams, and airport/facility directories, available in eight languages. The map feature displays nearby airports; after one clicks on an airport, the app displays bearing and distance, elevation, and a link to the airport/facility directory.

Aviation Pocket Knife (free in Google Play)—Users of this smartphone app have access to tools including a unit converter, fuel calculator, and crosswind calculator.

Aircraft G Meter ($2.99 in Google Play)—This smartphone app displays G forces in the style of a standard G meter. It also keeps track of the minimum and maximum G forces that an aircraft has experienced.

This week, most of the apps came from Google Play, and I thank all of you for sending them in. Please continue to send apps on all platforms here. And view past app reviews here.

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