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Charlotte T-route changes will improve GA's airspace access

The FAA has issued a final rule modifying RNAV terminal routes (T-routes) in Charlotte, N.C., effective May 29. The route changes, which AOPA supported, should offer general aviation pilots more reliable and efficient access to the airspace.

The final rule establishes two T-routes, T-206 and T-214; modifies three others (T-201, T-202, and T-203); and removes little-used T-200 in the Charlotte area.

The routes are "segregated from the heavily used arrival and departure corridors serving the Charlotte area, enhancing the efficiency" of the airspace, the FAA said.

AOPA submitted comments in favor of the proposal. The route changes support the FAA’s Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in a Metroplex initiative, but have "independent utility" from the OAPM project, the FAA noted, clarifying language contained in its original notice of proposed rulemaking.

AOPA continues to urge the FAA to include users in the development of a policy to guide design of terminal routings. The policy should emphasize the leveraging of satellite-navigation technology to improve on existing transitions that are based on the Victor airway system, AOPA said.

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