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Chart apps for planning, navigating

On Jan. 13, this column looked at five apps that can serve as alternatives to traditional paper charts. Since then, members have sent more of their favorite chart apps, five of which AOPA highlights this week. These are not endorsements of any app.

2014 Bahamas VFR Chart and 2014 Caribbean VFR Chart ($29.99 for Bahamas and the Caribbean in iTunes)—Both iPad apps feature a searchable index to run down through the island chains to find the island or airport you want, a bookmark feature to keep track of favorites, and beautiful photos from the islands.

Flightwise Chart Explorer ($4.99 in iTunes)—This app, optimized for the iPhone 5, displays VFR sectional charts and IFR enroute charts, along with standard road and satellite maps. Users can also overlay airmets and sigmets over maps. The app requires an internet connection and should only be used for reference, not in flight.

FlightKit (free in iTunes, but a one-year subscription costs $49.99)—This iPad app features VFR charts with live overlays, an airport/facility directory, approach plates, weather, airspace, route planning, and GPS tracking. And the app automatically caches all charts for use offline.

ZephyrCharts (free in iTunes, but charts for offline use cost $1.99 each)—This app, optimized for the iPhone 5, displays aviation charts with an airplane marker/route on a moving map that displays GPS altitude, speed, heading, and Zulu time. It comes in seven languages and can be installed on multiple devices.

Reader Plates (free in iTunes)—This iPad app gives users access to approaches, arrivals, departures, airport diagrams, and IFR enroute and VFR sectional charts. Other features include seamless charts, visual hazard depictions, draggable route lines, airspace details, and the ability to file and brief flight plans.

Please continue to send Android and Windows apps. I’m currently looking for apps in the following categories: checklists, FBOs/services, fuel, instrument simulators, and logbooks. Please send them here. View my complete list of reviews here.

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