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Consider these five random aviation apps

This week, AOPA takes a look at five apps in different categories, from checklists to pilot communications. These are not an endorsement of any app.

Ultimate Flight Checklist (free in Google Play)—Create digital flight checklists with this smartphone app. Users can go through preflight, in-flight, and other procedures by checking or unchecking them with a tap, along with adding customized checkable categories. The app includes preinstalled checklists for the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the Socata TB-10. and the Piper PA-28-180.

NameThatPlane ($4.99 in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad app helps pilots learn how to spot the many civil aircraft in the world today, including airliners, corporate jets, regional aircraft, and larger propeller/turboprop aircraft. The app database includes thousands of high-quality aircraft images and many study and learning modes that turn the learning process into a fun game.

RadarNow (free in iTunes and Google Play, "Premium" features available at a cost)—Need a simple, straightforward app that shows radar on a smartphone? This one displays an animated weather radar image on a map with the user's position. It offers rapid display of the local National Weather Service radar.

Pilot Communications ($29.99 in iTunes)—Student pilots can use this iPhone/iPad app to get comfortable speaking with air traffic control. The app features two hours of video that teach topics including proper communications procedures, correct radio terminology, and how to resolve on-air disputes.

Pocket Airports ($1.99 in the Windows Store)—Using information provided by FAA National Flight Data Center, this app provides users with detailed information on more than 5,000 U.S. airports. Look up airports by state or by full or partial airport ID, and add favorites to a list for quick access. Since the data is stored on the phone, users don’t need a data connection to use the app.

This week’s column included a Windows Store app. Please send your Windows and other app platform submissions here. And please pass along apps suggestions in the following categories: must-have apps, charts and maps, FBOs/services, fuel, games, logbooks, radar, and weight and balance. See a list of apps reviewed here.

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