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Pilots: What impact do airport LED systems have on ops?

Do you operate at airports or heliports that have LED systems? If so, AOPA, the FAA, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, and multiple professional pilot organizations want to hear from you.

General aviation pilots who have experience with airport LED systems are encouraged to complete a questionnaire that seeks to discover whether LEDs affect the approach, landing, ground movement, and takeoff phases of flight. For example, what are the visual effects of looking at LEDs through a moving propeller? How do LEDs appear on rainy nights through a windscreen without wipers or blowers? How well can pilots see the LEDs when their aircraft is not aligned directly with the runway or lighting systems, like during a circling approach?

The survey should take only 15 minutes to complete and is voluntary. It does not ask for any information that would be personally identifying and offers comment boxes for participants to expand on answers if they desire. Results from this survey will help the FAA’s LED Flight Operations working group better understand, identify, and correct problems associated with the use of LEDs in airport lighting.

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