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King Schools offers new TSA courseKing Schools offers new TSA course

Online program complies with CFI requirementsOnline program complies with CFI requirements

TSA Security Awareness Training for CFIs is now available for free online, King Schools announced July 9.

The training can be completed in about an hour, and upon completion, it provides a TSA-acceptable graduation certificate. Flight instructors who finish the course also qualify for Wings program credit, which is automatically submitted to the FAA upon completion. The goal of the course is to complement King Schools' Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) and to give CFIs an alternative method to stay in compliance with TSA regulations.

“Most CFIs receive this training every two years as part of completing a Flight Instructor Refresher Course, but they still need a way to complete the training in years between FIRCs,” explained Martha King. “Making this training available for free gives CFIs a quick and easy way to meet that requirement,” concluded John King, in a press release.

AOPA Communications staff

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