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UAV innovator to receive aero club awardUAV innovator to receive aero club award

The Aero Club of New England announced that it will bestow its Godfrey L. Cabot Award on Abraham E. Karem, founder, president, and chief designer of Karem Aircraft of Lake Forest, California, for a “lifetime of innovation creating remotely piloted, unmanned aerial vehicles.”

The award will be presented at a June 5 luncheon in Boston to recognize Karem’s UAV designs that “have revolutionized modern aviation with their use in both civilian and defense applications.”

“His UAV designs have fundamentally defined the basic configuration for the majority of fixed-wing and single-rotor UAVs,” the Aero Club said in an announcement.

Karem, who emigrated from Israel in 1977, where he was the chief designer for the Israeli Air Force, is best known for the Predator family of UAVs. He also has developed the Optimum Speed Rotor (OSR), and the OSR-equipped A160 Hummingbird vertical takeoff and landing UAV, as well as patented tilt-rotor designs, the Aero Club said.

The Aero Club of New England, founded in 1907, is the oldest aero club in the United States. The Godfrey L. Cabot Award was established in 1952 to honor one of the founders of the club. Cabot Award winners are “individuals or teams who have made unique, significant, and unparalleled contributions to advance and foster aviation or space flight,” according to the club.

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