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Nextant G90XT wins FAA certificationNextant G90XT wins FAA certification

Nextant Aerospace has received FAA certification for its remanufactured King Air, the G90XT. It uses General Electric H75 engines and a glass cockpit based on the Garmin G1000. The engine is controlled by a single power lever.

The company claims a 10-percent improvement in fuel consumption. Production is planned for 2016 in Cleveland where the company is headquartered.

“Our approach with the G90XT was aligned with our first offering, the 400XTi,” said Jay Heublein, Nextant executive vice president. “Through our unique remanufacturing process, we take a good aircraft and make it a great one. By working with actual operators of the aircraft, we systematically identified potential areas of improvement and delivered solutions to address those items. The integration of an entirely new environmental cooling system which moves 300 percent more air in the cabin was created in direct response to operator feedback that implied the aircraft needed better ground cooling capacity.”

The aircraft also has a new acoustic package for the interior.

The G90XT costs $2.2 million aircraft if the customer provides an airframe for modification, or $2.7 million if Nextant supplies the airframe. The aircraft is said to have a maximum cruise speed of 272 knots true airspeed at 21,000 feet msl.

Alton Marsh

Alton K. Marsh

Freelance journalist
Alton K. Marsh is a former senior editor of AOPA Pilot and is now a freelance journalist specializing in aviation topics.
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