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Continental boosts diesel replacement timesContinental boosts diesel replacement times

Continental Motors this week made good on its promise to increase the lifetime of its CD-100 series of diesel engines. The 135-horsepower and 155-hp engines now have times between replacement (TBR) of 2,100 hours. The changes affect engines built since Dec. 1, 2015, which are those with a “-2” in their model numbers.

The CD-135 previously had a TBR of 1,500 hours; the CD-155 was 1,200 hours.

Continental Motors CEO Rhett Ross told reporters at AERO Friedrichshafen on April 20 that the change came about because of design improvements over the past two years. In addition, the gear box and timing chains TBRs now have been doubled to 1,200 hours. However, some other components still must be replaced at 600 hours. Ross said the company would continue to push for expansion of the intervals as experience is gained.

Meanwhile, he indicated that the CD-300 engine, capable of about 300 hp, is well underway in its certification trials, with certification expected in January 2017. Several airframe manufacturers are already testing the model, although he declined to name which ones.

Meanwhile, owners of avgas-powered Continental engines built over the past 100 years will now get their parts through Aviall rather than through Continental’s usual parts distribution network. The switch to Aviall will improve customer service and parts availability, according to Ross. The change came after extensive research into ways to make parts more widely available around the world and to deliver them more quickly.

Aviall, which is owned by Boeing, maintains 40 distribution centers around the globe.

The change also affects parts built by Continental and its subsidiaries for Lycoming engines and the Titan line of experimental engines.

Continental's CD-300 engine, capable of about 300 horsepower, is well underway in its certification trials, with certification expected in January 2017.
Thomas B. Haines

Thomas B Haines

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