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Get rewarded for recruiting new AOPA membersGet rewarded for recruiting new AOPA members

AOPA Rewards

Invite your friends into the AOPA community and give them a lift in their personal flying. Whether they are active, lapsed, or prospective pilots, AOPA offers something for everyone in the general aviation community.

Financing, insurance, medical, and legal services support active pilots, while safety and Rusty Pilot seminars help lapsed pilots get back in the air. AOPA’s Flying Clubs Initiative helps reduce the cost of flying and barrier to entry while fostering a community feel; AOPA also offers flight training scholarships and high school programs to help encourage future generations to learn to fly.

With all of these resources, your friends will be excited to join the supportive AOPA pilot community.

And just for sharing AOPA with them, you will get rewarded. Through AOPA Rewards, you can earn points for sharing AOPA content through social media and email, and for referring a member who joins. The points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, which you can use for anything including aviation-related purchases like iPad mounts, aviation headsets, and more. In just a few short weeks, more than 55 AOPA members have participated in the rewards program and more than a dozen already have rewards points credited to them.

Sign up for AOPA Rewards and earn Amazon gift cards for doing what you love most—talking about flying! Four new member referrals will get you a $60 Amazon gift card! Go to to sign up today.

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