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Cirrus reveals new features of 2016 modelsCirrus reveals new features of 2016 models

Cirrus 2016 SR-series models

Cirrus Aircraft, the Duluth, Minnesota-based manufacturer of high-performance composite airplanes, is drawing on the allure of luxury automobiles to highlight new features of its 2016 SR-series models.

Every 2016 Cirrus will be delivered with a Bluetooth audio panel allowing phone calls and music to be wirelessly connected and directed to any cabin occupant, Cirrus said in a news release.  

Cirrus announced it had become the first piston aircraft to incorporate Garmin Flight Stream in the cockpit as a part of a new Digital Advantage package, “enabling wireless connectivity between mobile devices and the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin avionics flight deck.”

Pilots using a mobile device can plan flights at home or at work and seamlessly transfer flight plans to and from the avionics; change route during flight; display a new and wide array of flight information including pitch, bank, and GPS data; and control the SiriusXM radio.

A remote keyless entry system that locks and unlocks pilot-side and passenger-side doors was “a highlight of the 2016 SR line,” Cirrus said. Exterior convenience lighting has been added for safer preflight inspections and aircraft entry in low-light conditions. A baggage compartment light also was added.

The new aesthetics and convenience features for 2016 “amplify dedication to design,” Cirrus said. They include new pilot and copilot seats equipped with a pocket for stowing mobile devices, and a new seat design for enhanced comfort on longer flights. The seats also feature “premium European leather, on par with the finest luxury automobiles.”

Cirrus said it worked with Sherwin-Williams to expand exterior paint options and colors, resulting in the offering of three premium design collections: Carbon, Platinum, and the new Rhodium option, with colors “bright and bold like Solar Yellow or subtle and sophisticated like Sedona Red.” The expanded color choices let customers experiment with designs through Cirrus’s newly added “website color configurator.” More personalization is available through Cirrus Aircraft’s exclusive Xi personalization program.

“Cirrus Aircraft is proud to produce the best-selling airplane in its segment for the thirteenth consecutive year, and for 2016 we’ve raised the bar again,” said Todd Simmons, Cirrus Aircraft president of customer experience. “In 2016 we continue to refine the aircraft to enhance both pilot and passenger comfort and to leave an unmistakable impression on the tarmac, connecting customers to their aircraft in new and distinctive ways.”

The 2016 SR series “is the most sophisticated aircraft we’ve ever produced,” he said.

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